Who’s Using It

Who's Using It- Residential

residentialHomeowners who take pride in the beauty of residential properties are turning to Tuscan Bedstone for their flower beds and edgings rather than mulch because of cost savings over time. Eliminating the need for applications of mulch is freeing up time for homeowners to enjoy their flower beds, instead of breaking their backs--and wallets-- replacing the mulch in them year after year.

Who's Using It- Commercial

commercialCommercial enterprises that strive to promote a clean, inviting exterior look to their facilities and grounds have found Tuscan Bedstone to be a cost-effective, lower maintenance alternative to mulch. Shopping malls, corporate facilities and industrial plants are all using Tuscan Bedstone. Perhaps it's time for you to discuss with your landscape contractor Tuscan Bedstone as this year's alternative.

Who's Using It- Municipal

municipalIn an ever-changing economy where cities and municipalities are continually looking for ways to shave costs from tight budgets, Tuscan Bedstone is being applied as an alternative to the yearly costs of mulch applications. The concept of "one-time" application is appealing to city officials and service teams who are charged with keeping road medians, public grounds and gateways to their communities beautified through cost effective means.

Who's Using It- Contractors
Contractors have found Tuscan Bedstone to be a fresh and progressive alternative to mulch. Challenged with enhancing beauty while improving the sustainability of their customers' soils, Tuscan Bedstone is long lasting, retains beauty from year to year, improves soil and protects root systems.

Plus, it's a year-over-year savings to their customers for mulch.